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INSEAD’s PhD Programme has a simple strategy:

Recruit the brightest, most creative minds from around the world – from many degree disciplines. Train them to become innovative researchers in management – across two continents. Place them in academic posts at the best business schools – and watch their ideas change the world. Could this be your future?

The Business School

for the World

When you join the INSEAD PhD in Management, you become part of an extraordinary global community. As one of the leading and largest graduate business schools, INSEAD brings together people, cultures and ideas from around the world to change lives and transform organisations. We are the only top business school to have three campuses in different regions: Europe (Fontainebleau, France), Asia (Singapore) and Middle East (Abu Dhabi). Each is home to an international family of students, executive education participants and pre-eminent faculty. Our strategic alliances with high achieving business schools and worldwide alumni network complete the global environment that is INSEAD. Our unparalleled diversity represents a powerful asset for your PhD studies.




The only two-continent programme…

The INSEAD PhD in Management is the only such programme to run seamlessly across two equal-status campuses on two continents in France and Singapore. Our exchange programme with the Wharton School (USA) gives you the option of studying in a third region, while our Abu Dhabi campus adds a fourth potential perspective.

The most diverse in the world…

INSEAD’s student body is so culturally diverse that you feel as if you’re studying on five continents, rather than two. A typical intake has almost as many nationalities as participants, each bringing a different perspective to the debating table. We’re also proud of our gender diversity – currently close to 50–50. And our faculty is one of the most international at any top business school.

Yet, also the most intimate...

INSEAD may be a large and prestigious postgraduate business school, but the PhD Programme remains small and intimate. With an intake of fewer than 20 a year, across our two sites, the student body is close and supportive. Everyone knows everyone else, regardless of specialist subject or choice of location. Partners and children are encouraged on campus too, so there is a definite family feel.

With close faculty relationships

INSEAD professors are world experts in their fields, yet their strong ethos of support, collaboration and mentorship for PhD students is distinctive. Whether in the first two years of structured classes, or the subsequent period of independent research, the insights and guidance of our world-class teachers and researchers are always available to you.

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